Our Story Begins In The East

Three separate stories originating in Thailand merged into one right here in Catonsville in 2018 to create a new exciting story for your palate. Naris, Nong and Nicky bring culinary adventure from their home regions to you through Thai Heaven, blending sweet, sour and your level of spice to satisfy your appetite



Family friendly place

This place changed ownership December, 2018. It was closed the first three weeks in December, 2018 for renovations. It was re-opened on Christmas Eve, 2018. As a result of the renno, it features an all new dining room - new walls and newly painted ceilings as well as recessed lighting and new light fixtures over the main dining area, and the checkout/register area.  New floors have been installed.  There are new tables and chairs. There's a completely different register area, as well as new shelving for the service section (ice, water, glasses, etc.).  The bathrooms have been been renovated also. The kitchen has been renovated, with several new pieces of equipment installed.

Honestly, it's an entirely different restaurant. Nostalgia aside, I'm happy for the change. I think the area needs it. I am leaving this type of detail in the review because I am friends with the old owners, and have frequented it over the years and became very familiar with old restaurant.

About the food: The food is what you'd expect. Thankfully all three of the owners are Thai, which makes for good spices and flavors. The attention to detail is appreciated in every dish.  I can tell that they appreciate the use of fresh ingredients, and take pride in their new offerings. It's a different menu, so there's no way to really compare the previous food to what they have today, but I will say that it's fresh and tasty: which is the most important thing.

One of the owners owns and operates a few local farmer's market booths: so the produce and spices are fresh and locally obtained.  This is a nice touch. One of the partners is a chef, and the other operates the front of house. With three middle aged adults (note: not teenagers) things appear to run smooth, so far. 

I would consider this a family friendly place. It's been newly updated, yet it's intimate and modern. Completely different experience than before. Hopefully this will welcome new patrons. - Micheal M


Under new management and better than ever!

I liked Thai Heaven before the new owners took over in early December 2018. Now I LOVE it! They've kept all the 'normal' Thai dishes and have added vietnamese summer rolls to the menu. Since summer rolls are probably my favorite food of all (they even top ice cream and that's saying a lot,) this made me very happy.


And, best of all, they were DELICIOUS! Perfect blend of tofu, cilantro, rice noodles, etc. And the sauce was exquisite. My husband and I got our favorite, panang curry with chicken. Also completely delicious! To be honest, I did not like the panang curry that the former owners made, so I was very happy that the new chefs made it just like I like. Our daughter got the pineapple fried rice and loved it as well.

All in all, a truly wonderful meal. If you're anywhere near Catonsville, this is the Thai place to visit, either for eating at the restaurant (it's small but tastefully decorated) or for take out. Highly recommend this place! - cmacf1

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